Emerging Solutions to Improve Student-Teacher Linkage

Data Systems
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Matthew Graham
Jeffery Watson
Christopher A. Thorn

Nationwide, states and districts are implementing programs that involve linking teachers with
student data. This paper summarizes several emerging solutions for improving the accuracy and quality of student- teacher linkage. The emerging solutions fall into two main categories. In terms of leveraging different data sources the paper focuses on leveraging the student learning objective process, using formative/interim assessment data, and using data from grade books or other performance tracking/feedback systems. In terms of improving data systems, the paper focuses on developing computerized checks for errors and centralizing data systems or reporting requirements.

Report or White Paper
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Graham, M., & Watson, J. (2012). Emerging solutions to improve student-teacher linkage. Retrieved from www.tifcommunity.org
image: Emerging Solutions to Improve Student-Teacher Linkage