TIF Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

Communication and Stakeholder Engagement
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Julia E. Koppich

Stakeholder engagement and communication begin from the time the district decides to apply for a TIF grant. Developing the TIF proposal is the first opportunity for stakeholder engagement, the initial chance to build support for TIF and communicate about it. As TIF grantees'experiences and a growing base of research confirm, ensuring stakeholder involvement from the start is a prerequisite to a successful program. Getting the right people to the table from the outset is key. This resource offers guidance for prospective TIF grantees and a useful refresher for current grantees. The ideas and suggestions come from the work of TIF 1, 2, and 3 grantees. Their cumulative experiences teach much about ways to approach TIF work and meeting program challenges as they arise.

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Koppich, J. E. (2012). TIF stakeholder engagement and communication. Retrieved from: http://tifcommunity.org
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