TA in Action: Gilchrist County School Districts, Florida

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TA in Action
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The TLP TA team collaborated with the Gilchrist County School District TIF grant to develop comprehensive, innovative, and tailored human capital management systems (HCMSs) for the North East Florida Educational Consortium (NEFEC) and its partner school districts. Working in collaboration with NEFEC, the TLP TA team developed and presented a customized half-day overview training on the HCMSs for district leadership and shared guiding questions that districts could use to begin an in-depth examination of their human capital management practices.  NEFEC staff then developed a set of activities for districts to engage them in examining their human capital management practices, including a customized tool based on the materials provided by the TA team.  NEFEC staff also organized a cross-district study group project to encourage the superintendents to create a long-term vision for their respective HCMS. 

TLP TA enhanced the capacity of the NEFEC team's HCMS professional learning dissemination to its partner districts. Using the TLP TA team, the NEFEC team disseminated and created HCMS trainings tailored for its partner districts. By embracing a holistic HCMS approach, the NEFEC partner districts were able to engage in meaningful, sustainable practices aimed at increasing district capacity, educator effectiveness, and student success. 

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