Introduction to Human Capital Management System Dashboards

Recruitment, Hiring, Retention, and/or Placement
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Anthony Milanowski
Herbert Heneman
Bradley Carl

This brief provides an overview of how data dashboards can be designed to track key processes and outcomes of human capital management systems (HCMS).  Such dashboards can provide visual representations of the implementation and effectiveness of the HCMS for use by district leaders, human resource management staff, schools, and stakeholders . After describing work that the U.S. Department of Education and Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) districts have done to develop dashboards, it presents examples of dashboards and metrics and presents  12 steps to consider in developing dashboards. It also includes a list of resources for identifying indicators of HCMS performance.  

Report or White Paper
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Milanowski, A., Heneman III, H., & Carl, B. (2017). Introduction to human capital management system dashboards. Retrieved from
img: Introduction to Human Capital Management System Dashboards