Project Communication and Engagement Primer

Communication and Stakeholder Engagement
Year of Publication: 
Julia Koppich
Cortney Rowland
Doug Fireside
Julia Keleher
Diana Wogan

This primer on stakeholder engagement and communication draws on the experiences of past TIF grantees. The ideas, tips, and suggestions provided here offer current and prospective grantees the basic information they need to shape a comprehensive plan for stakeholder engagement and communication to smooth the way for effective implementation of their TIF grants. For ease of reading and understanding, the primer takes as its starting point the perspective of a school district TIF grantee. Nondistrict TIF grantees can adapt the basic ideas about stakeholder engagement and communication.

Report or White Paper
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Koppich, J.E., Rowland, C., Fireside, D., Keleher, J., & Wogan, D. (2016). Project communicatoin and engagement primer: Guide to Implementation. Retrieved from
img: Project Communication and Engagement Primer