The Role of Program Evaluation on Communication Strategies

Program Evaluation
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Peter Witham
Clarissa McKithen
Jenna Aurand Scott

The paper provides case studies of the role pf program evaluation on communications strategies for three TIF grantees. The analysis focuses on three main issues: the relationship between program evaluation and communication concerning educator compensation system reform initiatives within the state or local education agency, the ability of the evaluation design to allow for effective communication about the implementation and effects of the educator compensation system, and the manner in which state and local education agencies have used information from the program evaluation to make adjustments to communication planning and strategies. The paper separately describes each of the three TIF grantees' experiences in those contexts and draws on the collective TIF grantees' experiences to offer guidance to other state and local education agencies that are implementing new educator compensation systems.

Case Study
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Witham, P., McKithen, C. & Scott, J. A. (2012). The Role of program evaluation on communication strategies. Retrieved from
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