Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Evaluation Summit Summary

Year of Publication: 
Karen Shakman
Diana Wogan
Matthew Finster
Anthony Milanowski

This document provides a summary of the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Evaluation Summit meeting including the agenda of the meeting, summaries of grantees' presentations, a discussion of approaches to evaluation of TIF program goals, challenges with program evaluation, and a summary of technical experts feedback. The summit meeting brought together six grantees, TA team members, and content area experts to assist grantees with designing more rigorous methods for examining the impact of TIF on educator quality, student achievement, and equity. The meeting was designed to allow for ample opportunities for grantees to learn from one another and from the expert feedback provided between each presentation and through the consultation sessions. In addition to receiving pointed feedback on their evaluations, grantees received general recommendations regarding handling changes in student assessments; designing comparison groups using staggered rollouts; and assessing impact of TIF incentives on educator retention, mobility, and performance. As a result, grantees will be able to refine their evaluations to better capture information related to the TIF goals. 

Report or White Paper
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Shakman, K., Wogan, D., Finster, M., & Milanowski, A. (2016). Teacher incentive fund evaluation summit summary. Retrieved from http://www.tifcommunity.org
image: TIF evaluation summit summary